Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2020! We are going to miss your music, hard work and smiles that you’ve shared with us over the years! Good luck moving forward and know that it’s okay to look back and visit your music teachers at any time!

Thank you to everyone for making our first ever virtual Mini-Camp a huge success! As strange and odd as that environment is for all of us, we accomplished some great work towards our future success. Thank you for being positive, hard working and amazing in this crazy camp.

It is now summer! A time to relax, practice your instrument, take a lesson or five, swim, play video games, improve your marching skills, connect with your band mates, Thursday game nights, Saturday watch parties, and generally just have fun. Please find time to have fun, even though we will continue to ask you to think towards the fall. Section leaders will be contacting their sections for sectionals (both for work and fun) and staff will be sending out summer challenges to improve marching and musicianship throughout the summer. Remember that we would love your participation, but understand that you are entitled to have fun as well, so please try and balance these as much as you can. All work will help our success next season, but all the fun will be an equal partner in that success too. Balance is the key so that the work will be fun and the fun will be funner (I know it’s not a word… it just makes me laugh!).

For our fall plans, we are meeting Monday, August 3rd to begin our band camp at LCHS. However, all those plans are contingent upon the District’s plan for opening school in the Fall. There are no clear answers at this time, but we will have a plan and relay that information to you as soon as the District makes their announcement for the Fall, which could be late July. I’m keeping my positive, happy outlook on this situation to keep hope alive that we are meeting in person soon, but I will defer to the District’s decisions and protocols and make sure everyone is safe and secure in whatever we do. Thank you for your patience in all this, I know we are all waiting to see what the future holds.

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Congrats to the Class of 2020! I know it wasn’t the end you wanted to see, but it is an ending you won’t forget! Good luck as you move on to college and whatever life has in store for you! I know you all will be amazing!

Congrats to the rest of you for moving up a notch and getting ready for another memorable year in the Instrumental Music program. I can tell you that it will be a year unlike any other. For starters, Mini-Camp is online this year, which will give us the chance to continue the training and work we have been doing at the end of this school year, and to get our newest members included into the Instrumental Music Family! While I have zero answers to what August will look like, I do know that we will continue to prepare like we always do and build our musical and visual skills for future use. Thank you all for your professionalism, optimism and dedication to the program and your own growth. I look forward to seeing you all face to face!

Congrats and Enjoy your Summer!

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer! End of school, start of summer is a great time. I hope we all get a chance to enjoy the summer, and relax, and not have to look a computer all day long. I’m looking forward to more time to actually talk to my kids and play games, instead of the small moments I get between emails and texts. I am sure some of that will still go on, but summer is always the best!

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the awards ceremonies on Tuesday night! It’ll be a great way to celebrate the end of a great, but unusual, year. See you all there!

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms! Thank you all for what you do in all our lives!

Next week we will be holding our annual awards ceremony in a most unusual way. We will send out all the details at the beginning of next week and we hope to see you all at our awards presentation on Tuesday, May 19th.

Have a great week and great job with everyone keeping up on all the preparation for next year.

2020 Show Reveal & Marching Spartans Meeting

In an effort to be normal and optimistic about the future, we are going to be meeting on Monday night to discuss and answer all the questions you might have for the 2020-21 Marching Band season and beyond.

At the meeting you will see all that the program offers, calendar of events, and be present for the show reveal for the 2020 Marching Season. It’s a great time to get together and look positively to the future, a future I hope includes a marching band season.

So come join a mega zoom meeting at 7pm and be ready to find out all you can about the instrumental program. If you have questions during the meeting, please use the google form to ask you questions. I’ll be able to answer them in a less chaotic manner. Looking forward to seeing you all there on Monday.

(Zoom meeting details and google form for asking questions below.)

Show Reveal Meeting Info

Here are all the details you need for the zoom call on Monday:

Marching Band and Color Guard informational meeting discussing the program, calendar, etc. Will talk about how we are operating in this COVID environment And the show reveal for hopefully the 2020 Fall Marching Season.

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 934 0781 0001
Password: 2R9Yhv

People will be placed in a waiting room and then be admitted into the room at the start of the meeting. Keep your mic muted to help with hearing the presentation.

Google form to ask questions, CLICK HERE.

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

As we all are getting used to distance learning, zoom meetings, webinars, video assignments, and finding out how a house can suddenly feel four times smaller each day, I am still excited by the work being done by all our musicians to continue to be better musicians and students. It’s an insane situation, but we are fortunate for the time we have to build our individual skills and creatively connect with each other in so many new ways.

Keep up the good work! Keep the hope alive that the end to this separation is closer than it appears! Keep smiling!

Have a great week!

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

I hope you are all safe and secure! In this crazy time, I hope we all can find those positive outcomes in our lives from this surreal moment in time. At the Stone house we are getting to slow down as a family during time we are normally running so fast we barely get to high five each other. Hopefully, you are finding the same. Don’t get me wrong, our house gets smaller by the day, but we are making the best of the situation.

In regards to moving forward in this environment, we will keep practicing, find ways to promote our musical spirit to others and work hard to make this new normal an efficient and effective way to be better musicians. In band, we are in the midst of leadership training and applications during this time as we prepare for next year. We will also be holding our show reveal in the coming weeks, as well as possibly having our fall season information meeting both via zoom or google meet. I would prefer to be in the same room with everyone, but these are the times we are in and we still have to move forward.

I hope you all take care, stay safe and keep trying to be better musicians. I am truly looking forward to the day we can all meet face to face once again.
Until then, keep working and we will all get through this together.

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Concert this Wednesday night. You’ll get to see the fruits of all the hard work the students have been putting in to make great music.

Also, New York meeting Monday night. Come find out all the info for the trip.