Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

It was so great to see so many parents at the Back to School Night last week! Your support is greatly appreciated!

Chamber music pieces are now given out, along with coaching assignments. This is a new thing for everyone in Orchestra to be playing in a small group and I’m super excited about the groups that were formed and the music being played!

Stay safe this week.

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

I hope that everyone is enjoying a nice, albeit very hot, Labor Day Weekend!

Who wants to cook when the weather is like this? Not me! This Sunday and every Sunday, call over to Doña Maria for some takeout! Mention that it is for the LCHS Instrumental Music Fundraiser and you are helping out our music program! Win, win! Also, the very successful SAT and ACT prep exams are back this year, online. Both of these fundraisers really help our department, so thank you for your participation!

Back to School night is this Wednesday, online of course. Drop in to say hello and hear about Orchestra!

Be well!

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

Week 3 and this week will see the orchestra branching out into music history and chamber music. The students are continuing to come to class and do their best! I am so impressed with all of them!

Come visit me during the 0 period slot on Zoom next week, Wednesday, September 9th, for Back to School Night. We can discuss the interesting concept of music on the internet. I’ll look forward to seeing you!

Our informational meeting for all parents is this Wednesday night, September 2nd. Hope you’ll join us!

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

Thank you to Orchestra students and parents for a great first week of school! The enthusiasm of the students was wonderful and I loved seeing all of them. This week, we start playing again and see how that will work. I am so encouraged by everyone’s can-do attitude! Great job, Orcas!

Parents, you are invited to attend the Music Parents Association (MPA) Zoom meeting this Wednesday at 7pm. This is our LCHS instrumental music support group and it’s great to have Orchestra parents join in!

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

The most important detail for Monday is… There is NO 0 period meeting August 17th. We will begin Orchestra on Tuesday, August 18th at 7:45am until 8:20am. It will be the same Zoom link each day.

As a parent, I ask you to make sure that your Orchestra student has an instrument, a music stand, and room at their computer that they can play their instrument.

We will meet and greet for the first week and get used to meeting online. I have lots of ideas for the year, and I will let you know those later!

Good luck to All! It is likely that the internet connections will fail because of the amount of use and users. If that happens, encourage your child to try to get back on. If they can’t, have them go to Google Classroom for instruction.

We will keep moving forward and make music! I am looking forward to this very unique school year!

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes

I hope that everyone is having a good summertime experience and that all are well. During these uncertain times, I wanted to reach out to you and let you know my thinking for when school re-opens.

By now, you are probably aware of what the district has proposed for the reopening of school. In this scenario, Orchestra would remain at 0 period, with half of the students coming on M/W and the other half on T/Th. We could actually play orchestra music with each student having their own music, stand, mask and sitting 6 feet apart. Also, chamber music would be another good music-making task for us. I can see opportunities for us to give concerts in other ways and venues than we have in the past. The takeaway is, that we can still play music, and that’s the important thing!

It’s not for certain that school will open up like this. If we are not physically at school, rest assured that Orchestra will continue. I am looking at lessons that delve into music and the important issues of today.

I very much want to hear from the students about topics and music that interest them and that they would like to explore. Write to me at

The choices that we all are having to make now are difficult. I know that we will all come through. We are OrcaStrong.

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes

Congratulations! Especially to our Seniors! You have reached the finish line of high school and we celebrate you and what you have accomplished! The silver lining of these past few months is that it has taught us to persevere and stay optimistic in times of uncertainty. We will all miss your buoyancy and leadership, but you are well-equipped to take on your future challenges. ❤️

Congratulations to everyone else, too; students and parents! Everyone deserves a fun summer! Let’s keep working together as school starts up again in August. Please email me  with any questions, thoughts, comments you may have. I look forward to us all being together and making music again! Be well❤️

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Orchestra mothers! You are all very deserving of this special day. Your children are wonderful people and you can be very proud of all of them. I know I am! Thank you for nurturing, guiding, and loving your children. May you all have a celebratory day!

Orchestra is now through with assignments. Coming up, there will be rental instrument return and the Orchestra Awards ceremony.

More info to follow on those events, but today is for celebrating you!

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

I just wanted to send a note to say hi and keep in touch with everyone. I hope that everybody is well and is managing with all of the new expectations that have been put on all of us.

I am enjoying hearing from the students. They are being brave and coping with staying at home, but I think it’s growing old for them! Thank you, parents, for shepherding them through this time. I am in awe of you and your children!

I want to let you know about the assignments that will be given till the end of the school year. There is one this week where each student is asked to create a symphonic program. They will have until May 8th to complete it. The next assignment will be the jury/final where they play the appropriate scales/arpeggios for their level and a solo that is appropriate for their level. This will be due at the end of May. Both of these assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.

Your child should check Classroom each day for announcements, activities, assignments, etc.

Some of the students have missing assignments, which can lower their class grade. You can look on Aeries to see which I ones are missing. I will accept late work, so encourage them to complete all of their assignments.

If you have any questions, please email me.

As we start another week, let’s look out for one another and help keep each other positive. Thank you to all of you.

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

Here we are in April! I hope that everyone is safe and well and keeping their spirits up! I hope everyone has been able to watch the great video of the Band remotely performing the Alma Mater! Time and togetherness has taken on a new feeling and meaning for all of us.

As school starts up again after Spring Break, we are moving to graded assignments, so I want you to know what that means for Orchestra.

The students are tasked with practicing their instrument at least 30 minutes a day. As it would be impossible for me to monitor this, at regular intervals, they will be required to record a video of themselves showing me what they have practiced and upload it to the Orchestra Google Classroom.

Each morning at 7:30 am, I send a “Good Morning” text to the students. Later in the day, I post on Classroom. Your child should check Remind and Classroom each day for assignments and info.

My goals for the students with distance learning are to keep them playing their instrument and to have a daily practice become a comforting habit for them.

Please email me if you have questions or need to talk.

I don’t want Orchestra to be a burden for you or your children. I see it as a wonderful addition to the students’ lives. We will also have opportunities to be creative with music. As much as you can, encourage them to play, listen to them and be cheerleaders for them!

Be well.