Ms. Munday’s News & Notes

Congratulations! Especially to our Seniors! You have reached the finish line of high school and we celebrate you and what you have accomplished! The silver lining of these past few months is that it has taught us to persevere and stay optimistic in times of uncertainty. We will all miss your buoyancy and leadership, but you are well-equipped to take on your future challenges. ❤️

Congratulations to everyone else, too; students and parents! Everyone deserves a fun summer! Let’s keep working together as school starts up again in August. Please email me  with any questions, thoughts, comments you may have. I look forward to us all being together and making music again! Be well❤️

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Orchestra mothers! You are all very deserving of this special day. Your children are wonderful people and you can be very proud of all of them. I know I am! Thank you for nurturing, guiding, and loving your children. May you all have a celebratory day!

Orchestra is now through with assignments. Coming up, there will be rental instrument return and the Orchestra Awards ceremony.

More info to follow on those events, but today is for celebrating you!

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

I just wanted to send a note to say hi and keep in touch with everyone. I hope that everybody is well and is managing with all of the new expectations that have been put on all of us.

I am enjoying hearing from the students. They are being brave and coping with staying at home, but I think it’s growing old for them! Thank you, parents, for shepherding them through this time. I am in awe of you and your children!

I want to let you know about the assignments that will be given till the end of the school year. There is one this week where each student is asked to create a symphonic program. They will have until May 8th to complete it. The next assignment will be the jury/final where they play the appropriate scales/arpeggios for their level and a solo that is appropriate for their level. This will be due at the end of May. Both of these assignments will be posted on Google Classroom.

Your child should check Classroom each day for announcements, activities, assignments, etc.

Some of the students have missing assignments, which can lower their class grade. You can look on Aeries to see which I ones are missing. I will accept late work, so encourage them to complete all of their assignments.

If you have any questions, please email me.

As we start another week, let’s look out for one another and help keep each other positive. Thank you to all of you.

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

Here we are in April! I hope that everyone is safe and well and keeping their spirits up! I hope everyone has been able to watch the great video of the Band remotely performing the Alma Mater! Time and togetherness has taken on a new feeling and meaning for all of us.

As school starts up again after Spring Break, we are moving to graded assignments, so I want you to know what that means for Orchestra.

The students are tasked with practicing their instrument at least 30 minutes a day. As it would be impossible for me to monitor this, at regular intervals, they will be required to record a video of themselves showing me what they have practiced and upload it to the Orchestra Google Classroom.

Each morning at 7:30 am, I send a “Good Morning” text to the students. Later in the day, I post on Classroom. Your child should check Remind and Classroom each day for assignments and info.

My goals for the students with distance learning are to keep them playing their instrument and to have a daily practice become a comforting habit for them.

Please email me if you have questions or need to talk.

I don’t want Orchestra to be a burden for you or your children. I see it as a wonderful addition to the students’ lives. We will also have opportunities to be creative with music. As much as you can, encourage them to play, listen to them and be cheerleaders for them!

Be well.

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

I hope all is well with all of you and your loved ones. This is a trying time, and I believe it is especially trying for parents. Suddenly, children are at home and every age has its unique set of challenges. You are all on my mind and in my thoughts. If you have any questions, contact me.

This coming week, the orchestra students have been asked to upload a video to Classroom of themselves playing. They are playing what they worked on last week.

Encourage your child to use playing their instrument each day as part of their daily schedule. Maybe they would like to do a FaceTime duet or trio with their friends. Maybe they would like to write some music. There is so much music online. One student told me that they downloaded some video game music to play. Brilliant!

Yo Yo Ma has started #songsofcomfort. There are some really nice videos on YouTube that regular people have made. I have enjoyed listening to them.

My goal for the students is to have them keep playing and to enjoy what they’re doing. I’m going to attach a banjo video from Steve Martin, it’s wonderful to hear.

Take care!

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

I wish everyone a healthy and happy week and I look forward to seeing you at our festival concert on Wednesday where you can hear all of our instrumental groups play the music they will take to Festival and New York.

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

What an amazing Dinner Show last week! It was a great evening! From the food to the auctions to the gorgeous tables and organization, everything was beautifully executed.

The musical prowess of the students was on full display throughout the evening. It’s super exciting to see their musical development from year to year. Michelle Lynskey and her band was jaw-dropping and I want to say a big thank you to them for their generous gift of time and talent.

The Festival Concert is right around the corner on the evening of Wednesday, March 11th. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend. Thank you for your loyal support!

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

It’s always good to get away in nature. Last weekend, the Orchestra spent a beautiful and rewarding few days at our annual Winter Retreat high in the San Gabriel mountains. It’s a great opportunity for the students to get away from everyday life and focus on music and the great outdoors. I was heartened to see lots of students enjoying nature and also enjoying each other’s company.

I want to thank our Courageous Chaperones! They are the backbone of this adventure! Thank you to Julia Dixon, Yvonne Lim, Rose Malmberg, and Julie Pao. Also, thank you to Glenn and Robert Torres for driving the truck!

I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

We had a wonderful time performing at California Adventure last week! I was very proud of our performers for being so flexible and proficient! I received many nice comments from the audience and the staff. Thank you to our chaperones, Yvonne Lim and Julie Pao, and to Mr. Stone, who drove the truck and provided moral support!

We have a busy upcoming week. The Concerto Concert Auditions are being held after school on Wednesday. If you want to play and haven’t signed up, please do so now.

We go up to the Winter Retreat this Friday after school! See the schedule post, what to bring, weather report and map.

Have a wonderful week!

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

Do you ever feel that there is so much coming at you that you start going in circles (either metaphorically or in my case physically)? Of course you do! You’re parents! Instead of standing in the middle of the room and screaming, which is my first reaction, I am learning to breathe deeply and check in with my shoulders (which at this point are nearly where my ears are from tension). In class, we also on occasion, practice deep breathing and shoulder relaxation. Everything, including music, is better when we are relaxed, calm and happy.

We are headed to Disneyland on Thursday for music and fun! Reach out to Yvonne Lim if you would like to chaperone.

Have a calm, happy week!