Weekly Schedule – 8/19

Monday, August 19th

  • 6:30pm: Parent meeting for all 7/8
  • 7:30pm: Parent meeting for all 9-12

Tuesday, August 20th

  • 3:15pm: 9-12 Band Uniform fittings for Seniors & Juniors
  • 5:30pm-8:30pm: 9-12 Band & Guard Rehearsal

Thursday, August 22nd

  • 3:15pm: 9-12 Band Uniform fittings for Sophomores & Freshmen
  • 5:30pm-8:30pm: 9-12 Band & Guard Rehearsal

Friday, August 23rd

Away Game – Marching Spartans

  • 5:15pm: Call time
  • 5:30pm: Load bus
  • 7pm: Game time
  • Approx. 10pm: Return to LCHS, unload, go home

Weekly Schedule – 8/12

Monday, August 12th

  • Gift Card Orders Due

Tuesday, August 13th

  • 5:30-8:30pm: Evening Rehearsal
    • Please wear shorts, white t-shirt, cross-trainer shoes, hat.
    • Please bring water jug, instrument, music, pencil, and good attitude.

Thursday, August 15th – 1st Day of School!

  • 3:15pm (after school): String Instrument Rentals
  • 5:30-8:30pm: Evening Rehearsal

Friday, August 16th

  • 3:15pm (after school): String Instrument Rentals

Saturday, August 17th

  • 8am-12pm: Rehearsal

Weekly Schedule – 8/5

Monday, August 5th – Wednesday, August 7th

Band/Guard Workshops continue…

  • Wear/Bring:
    • Shorts
    • white T-shirt
    • Cross-trainer shoes
    • hat
    • water jug
    • instrument
    • music
    • pencil
    • good attitude
  • 8:30-11:30am: Rehearsal
  • 11:30am-1pm: Lunch break
  • 1-4:30pm: Rehearsal
  • 4:30-6pm: Dinner break
  • 6-10pm: Rehearsal

Thursday, August 8th

Band/Guard Workshops continue…

  • Class Registration Day for Seniors, Juniors, & Sophomores
  • 1-4:30pm: Rehearsal
  • 4:30-6pm: Dinner break
  • 6-10pm: Rehearsal

Friday, August 9th

Band/Guard Workshops continue…

  • Class Registration Day for Freshmen
  • 1-4:30pm: Rehearsal
  • 4:30-6pm: Dinner break (BBQ) for students
  • 5pm: Family BBQ begins
  • 6pm: Preview Night in LCHS Stadium
    • Join us for a preview of the first movement of the 2019 show!

Weekly Schedule – 7/29

Monday, July 29

Band/Guard Workshops

  • 1pm: Workshops begin. Please Bring:
    • Signed Field Trip & Handbook forms
    • Sunscreen
    • Water jug
    • Instrument
    • Music
    • Pencil
    • Smile
  • Please Wear:
    • good cross-trainer type shoes
    • shorts
    • white t-shirt
  • Approx. 4:30pm: break for dinner
  • 6-10pm: Rehearsal on the field

Tuesday, July 30th

Band/Guard Workshops

  • 1pm: Workshops begin. Please Bring:
    • Signed Field Trip & Handbook forms
    • Sunscreen
    • Water jug
    • Instrument
    • Music
    • Pencil
    • Smile
  • Please Wear:
    • good cross-trainer type shoes
    • shorts
    • white t-shirt
  • Approx. 4:30pm: break for dinner
  • 6-10pm: Rehearsal on the field

Wednesday, July 31st


  • 8:30am: Load buses
  • 9am: Depart LCHS
  • 10am: Arrive at Cal Poly Pomona, check in, unload truck
  • Shuttle driver returns bus riders and truck driver to LCHS
  • Rehearsal

Thursday, August 1st


Friday, August 2nd

Return from Band Camp

  • 6:30pm: Shuttle driver, bus riders, & truck driver meet at LCHS and drive to Cal Poly Pomona
  • 7:45pm: Load buses
  • 8pm: Depart Cal Poly Pomona
  • 9pm: Arrive at LCHS, unload truck, dismissal

Marching Spartans Information

All of these items need to be completed and returned PRIOR to Band Camp Departure on Wednesday, July 31st!

Please click on the link to fill out the registration, input the email you would like to use for communications, click the box to say you’d like to help and note the contributions necessary to make this program successful.

Thanks for your help and continued support of the Instrumental Music Program. We’re excited for the season to begin and can’t wait to work with your students (and you too!).

Note: forms and other information can be found here, for future reference.


Click for Online Registration

All registration links and donation forms are online for Marching Band and Color Guard. Please feel free to donate with a credit card or a check. You can also request financial assistance on the form as well. If you are paying by check, you can bring that with your paperwork. Make all checks payable to, “LCHS MPA.”

All parents/guardians of Marching Band and Color Guard students should fill out the form. The information will serve as our database to contact and inform you throughout the year.

Transportation donations for band and color guard are now given to the MPA. If you play a sport, then you need to pay into ASB’s transportation donation. Please do not pay ASB for Band and Color Guard’s transportation donation.

The donation sheet lays out the needed financial support to make our program work. The Instrumental Music program receives minimal district funding and we rely heavily on your generous hearts and keen investment in your child’s musical experience.

We will be having a collection table by the Auditorium to help collect all the paperwork and donation checks beginning Monday, July 29th at 12:45pm. Please make all donation checks payable to “LCHS MPA.”


  • Please read:  it has all the info and program requirements that you will want to know including grading, performances, and needed donations.
  • Please complete, sign, and return the Handbook Agreement Form.
  • Please put all the dates on your calendar — all the football games, concerts, competitions, etc. are on that list for the 2019-20 school year.

Field Trip Form

  • Please complete, sign, and return.
  • We will need an original signature on this form.

Note: The Handbook form and the Field trip form can be dropped off to Sandy at the District Office anytime Monday through Thursday from about 7:30am to about 4pm from now until July 29th. If not, please bring them the first day of workshops! We leave for Band Camp on July 31st, so there’s not much time to remember when we return.

Volunteers Needed in July

Uniform Fittings

Due to the uniforms not being back from the summer cleaning, we will fit uniforms prior to evening rehearsals on August 13th, 15th, and 20th.

Band Camp

We will need two bus riders and a shuttle driver to get the students to Band Camp at Cal Poly Pomona on Wednesday, July 31st. The shuttle driver will need to follow the buses to Band Camp and then bring the bus riders and truck driver back to LCHS. We will leave at 9am on Wednesday, July 31st, and return around 11:30am. The shuttle driver should have a car/van that seats an additional four adults.

Note: We NEED a shuttle driver and bus riders TO band camp, and bus riders for the RETURN trip!

We will need the same number of adults on the return trip coming back from Band Camp on Friday, August 2nd. Adults will need to meet at LCHS at 6:30pm, and return to campus around 9pm.

If you have never been to Band Camp, now is the time to check it out and see where your student will be spending their time.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of the above, please let Sandy Miller know.

Band Camp – July 31st-August 2nd

Band Camp

July 31st – August 2nd


Band Camp is July 31st, August 1st, and August 2nd. We stay overnight at Cal Poly Pomona. We will be departing LCHS at 9am on Wednesday, July 31st, and will return on Friday, August 2nd around 9pm.

Students need to bring the following items to band camp:

  • Clothes
  • Bathing Suit
  • Hat
  • Good Cross Trainer Shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Your Instrument
  • Music
  • Drill
  • Sleeping Bag or Sheets
  • Pillow
  • Lyre
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Sun block
  • Water Bottle (Mandatory, thank me later)
  • Props for “Talent Night”
  • Cell Phone to call your parents and tell them how much you love and miss them.

Do NOT even think of bringing:

  • TVs
  • Video Game Systems
  • Laptops

All your items must fit in ONE BAG since we are limited on space. And yes, it is possible to fit it in one bag.

While at band camp we will be working hard to begin the long process of learning and perfecting our show. It is vital for everyone to attend and participate to the fullest. We will also be having a lot of fun during and outside of rehearsals as well. It will be a great beginning to our show.

Marching Spartans Mini Camp

All students in the Marching Band and Color Guard for the 2019-2020 school year will meet for mini-camp starting Monday, June 10th through Thursday, June 13th. We will be practicing marching basics, music, and will be meeting in our sections too!

Please wear:

  • good cross-trainer shoes
  • socks
  • shorts
  • white t-shirt
  • hat
  • sunscreen

Please bring:

  • water jug
  • instrument
  • pencil
  • sunscreen
  • music
  • and a good attitude!

Winds (all wind instruments): 8am-12pm

Guard: 8am-11am

Front Ensemble: 8am-12pm & 1:30-5pm

Battery: 8am-12pm

Weekly Schedule – 5/20

Monday, May 20th

  • 3:30-5:30pm: Percussion Workshop

Tuesday, May 21st

  • 3:30-5:30pm: Percussion Workshop
  • 7pm: 9-12 Orchestra Awards (Parents welcome!)
  • 8pm: 9-12 Band Awards (Parents welcome!)
  • (7/8 Awards will be presented during the school day)

Wednesday, May 22nd

Thursday, May 23rd

  • Zero Period: Instrument Rental Return

Friday, May 24th

  • Zero Period: Instrument Rental Return
  • Marching Band & Guard: Take uniforms, equipment, and instruments home after school. Return them Tuesday.
  • 7/8 Band: Take instruments home after school. Return them Tuesday.

Sunday, May 26th

Jazz Band in the Park

  • 5pm: Call time at the High School
  • 6pm: Performance, Memorial Park

Monday, May 27th

Fiesta Days Celebration

Service (9-12 Band)

  • 8:15am: Call Time at LCE
    • Enter the playground from the La Canada Blvd. side
    • Leave cases in the car – we won’t be returning to LCE
    • Full Uniform – no shako/gloves
    • Sunscreen!
  • 9am: Memorial Park Service
  • Proceed to parade staging after service ends

Parade (7/8 Band, 9-12 Band, 9-12 Color Guard)

  • 10am: 7/8 Band Call Time at the parking garage at the corner of Foothill and Cornishon
    • Band T-Shirt and Shorts
    • Leave cases in the car, we will not return to staging area
    • Sunscreen!
  • 10:30am: Parade Start

We need four cases of water bottles dropped off at Memorial Park on Monday Morning prior to the service. Please let Sandy know if you’re able to provide.

Tuesday, May 28th

  • Bring uniforms and instruments back to school.

Percussion Workshops

Our percussion instructors will be holding workshops for all returning and newly interested students this week in the Band Room.


  • Monday, May 13th: 3:30-5:30pm
  • Wednesday, May 15th: 3:30-5:30pm

Front Ensemble

  • Tuesday, May 14th: 3:30-5:30pm

If you have questions, please contact Ben Lewis for Front Ensemble or Greg Power for Battery.