The Latest from the LCHS Instrumental Music Program

Weekly Schedule – 9/9

This week continues 9-12 Jazz Band Auditions. See this post for more details.

Monday, September 9th

  • Gift Card Orders Due
  • 7pm: MPA Meeting
  • 8pm: Winter Drumline Dayton Trip Meeting

Tuesday, September 10th

  • 3:30-4:30pm: 7/8 Color Guard Rehearsal
  • 5:30pm-8:30pm: 9-12 Band & Guard Rehearsal

Thursday, September 12th

  • 3:30-4:30pm: 7/8 Color Guard Rehearsal
  • 5:30pm-8:30pm: 9-12 Band & Guard Rehearsal
    • Parent helpers needed to add silver chains to the shakos during rehearsal in the uniform room.

Friday, September 13th

  • 9-12 Band Concert Wear Fittings: 1st & 3rd periods.

Away Football Game

  • 5:15pm: Call time
    • Band shirts & jeans/shorts
  • 5:30pm: Bus Departs
  • 7pm: Game time
  • Approximately 10pm: Return to LCHS/unload

9-12 Orchestra Concert Wear

Our first Concert is just around the corner!

Advanced orchestra students are required to purchase coordinated formal wear for concerts. Our volunteers have already fitted new students and placed an order from Southeastern Performance Apparel. Please read on for all you need to know:

Continuing Students

Please try on your dresses and suits this week to be sure all required clothing fits, and all pieces are present, cleaned, and ready for the season. If you need another size, or are missing items, please contact Lori Silverman ASAP to be scheduled for a fitting.

New Students

Orchestra Reps have completed fitting new students for concert wear clothing. A future payment and pick up date for Concert Wear will be scheduled. Payment will be required according to the list below.

Concertwear Items & Costs

The prices for new concert wear are similar to last year. Please contact Ms. Munday if assistance is requested.

  • Women’s Dress: $62
  • Men’s Ensemble:
    • Tuxedo Jacket: $65
    • Men’s Pants: $30
    • Men’s Vest: $45
    • Men’s Tie: $10


Payment is not needed for fitting, but will be required prior to picking up items. A future pick up date will be scheduled. Payment can be cash or check payable to “LCHS MPA.” Please note, “concert wear” in the check memo.

Returns & Exchanges

If a new item does not fit, we will return/reorder at no cost. Please note: concert wear is loose, NOT custom fitted clothing – hemming needs to be provided by student/family.

If a continuing student needs a new size, which is not in our pre-owned inventory, their professionally cleaned, usable clothing can be returned to the Concert Wear Representatives and the new clothing order will be discounted 40%.

Students may exchange professionally cleaned, gently used items for another size at no cost if that size is available in our limited in-house inventory of almost new clothing.

Please contact Lori Silverman if you have questions.

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

On Saturday evening, we went to Descanso Gardens to hear a concert, the first one of their series, Silence. It sounded like an interesting premise, so we went. It was mostly electronic music, layered on top of each other so that the melody would morph into something really different, but not all at once. It became apparent that I would need to listen with “different ears,” meaning, my usual way of listening to music following motives, forms, keys, rhythmic interest, wasn’t cutting it. I finally gave up and just let the music wash over me, and that worked! I also began to notice the smells and sounds of the garden, which added a lot to my enjoyment.

It was definitely out of my comfort zone.

I then thought about how often we ask students to leave their comfort zones to try out new ideas, thoughts, experiences, and they do it! It’s not so easy, but important for all of us! I am grateful for my unusual concert experience and I hope that each of you find an interesting thing to do this week that’s out of your own comfort zone!

Booster Raffle Tickets

Booster Raffle Tickets will be distributed this week. The cost is $20 each.

We ask that each student sell at least two tickets to support the MPA. Any additional tickets sold goes to the student account.

Instructions will be included in the envelope with your students’ tickets. Extra tickets will be available from Mr. Stone, Mr. Myers, and Ms. Munday in the band room.

Parent helpers needed: If you have an hour on Tuesday, September 10th in the afternoon, please consider helping to stuff the Raffle tickets into student envelopes. Please contact Elizabeth Bohannon if you are available.

Concert Wear – 9-12 Band

All new 9-12 Band students will need Concert Wear for the Winter Spectacular in December and all of second semester.

Now is the time to try on last year’s concert wear to see if it fits! We will do fittings on Friday, September 13th during first and third period.

If your tux or dress does not fit, please bring it in and we can do an exchange for a different size.

If you have questions, please contact Dino Lorenzana.