The Latest from the LCHS Instrumental Music Program

Poinsettia Distribution Volunteers

The poinsettias are almost here and we need volunteers to help get them unloaded, distributed, and, the extras sold. Please sign up at the link.

Please consider helping, and as always, we greatly need and appreciate your help. It doesn’t just take a village for an instrumental music program. It takes a village, all their relatives, and anyone else in the near vicinity.

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes

December is a wonderful time of year filled with celebrations, and celebrations filled with music. Music is so much a part of our holidays. Each year we listen to our favorites and we hear new music that might become favorites. Thank goodness for music and that we are able to make it.

Please come to the Winter Spectacular this Thursday and listen to beautiful holiday music played by our students. It is a wonderful way to start this beautiful season.

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

I’m so looking forward to the Winter Spectacular this Thursday night! It is a great time to come and see how talented these student musicians truly are.

It will be a fantastic concert with a massive full orchestra sound with over 130 musicians on stage coming at the end of the night.

I always enjoy the festive, giving mood of this concert and hope that it settles upon the audience and lingers throughout the holiday season. It can be a stressful time during these holidays, so hopefully this concert can soften up all of us to care and look out for others, and just treat everyone with a smile and a joyous spirit.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the concert on Thursday, and feel free to purchase a few more poinsettias that night as well!

7/8 Winter Concert

Next week is the 7/8 Band & Orchestra’s combined Winter Concert with the ALF on Wednesday, December 12th!

For planning purposes, call time will be at 5pm. We’ll have rehearsals and then the MPA will provide a pizza dinner. The concert will begin at 7pm.

A detailed schedule will be sent next week, but it will be Concert attire.

7/8 Combined Rehearsal

7/8 Combined Rehearsal

7/8 Band & 7/8 Orchestra

0 period, Thursday, December 6th

To prepare for the concert next week, we need to have a combined 7/8 Band and 7/8 Orchestra rehearsal this week during 0 period. All 7/8 Band students should arrive at 7:30am for rehearsal with the 7/8 Orchestra in the band room.

9-12 Orchestra Winter Retreat

Payments for the 9-12 Orchestra Winter Retreat are now due, if you haven’t already paid ($225 payable to LCHS MPA).

The money collected for the Winter Retreat covers the actual costs of the retreat – it is not a fundraiser – we just need to pay for the transportation to the camp, the lodging and food at the camp, and the coaches who will help with instruction at the camp.

There are currently two fundraisers (Poinsettias and Gift Cards) in place to help your student earn funds for their student account. The money in each student’s account can be used to cover the costs of the Retreat.

If you need financial assistance, please complete this form.

If you’re not sure if you have paid, please contact our Accounts Receivable Treasurer, Jason Northrop.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Weekly Schedule – 11/26

Tuesday, November 27th

  • 5:30pm: 7/8 Winter Drumline Parent Meeting – Band room
  • 7:30pm: 9-12 Winter Drumline & Winter Guard Parent Meeting – Band Room

Friday, November 30th

  • Marching Band & Guard takes home uniforms and instruments for the parade on Saturday.
  • 9-12 Band Concert Wear Distribution – 1st Period

Saturday, December 1st

Montrose Christmas Parade

  • 5:30pm: Call Time
    • Full Uniform, no shako, yes gloves, holiday hat
  • 6pm: Parade start time
  • 8pm: Approximate end time

Helpful Hints:

  1. Please drop off your student at the parade staging area at the corner of Honolulu and La Crescenta Ave. at 5:30pm. Please leave instrument cases in the car as we will not be returning to the staging area at the end of the parade.
  2. Students will be dismissed at the end of the parade at the corner of Honolulu and Verdugo Blvd. All instruments and uniforms should be returned to the band room on Monday, December 3rd.
  3. Students are encouraged to wear holiday hats instead of their shakos.
  4. Instrument decorating (lights, tinsel, holly, etc.) is fine as long as the instrument can still be played properly.

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

Here comes the Polar Express bound for LCHS! We are on the fast track to the Winter Spectacular on Thursday, December 6th at 7pm. The high school Orchestra, Band, and Jazz Band will perform holiday classics and favorites! It’s a wonderful evening of music, goodies, and fun. Please volunteer for bringing food for the reception after the concert!

Winter Retreat payments are now due. This is for each orchestra member. The cost is $225 for a super fun camping/musical weekend in the Angeles National Forest. We will be going up Friday after school on January 25th and coming home Sunday afternoon, January 27th. If you are unsure if you have paid the fee already, please contact Jason Northrop, the MPA Receivables Treasurer  and he can tell you if you still need to pay.

Also, please let Yvonne Lim know if you are interested in chaperoning for the Retreat.

Thanks! Have a fantastic week!

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Congratulations to the Marching Spartans for an amazing season! Although we were cancelled on at the end, the show was an amazing success and will be a favorite for years to come. Thank you all for those who helped in any capacity to make this season amazing!

Moving into December means the Montrose Christmas Parade, Winter Spectacular, 7/8 Winter Concert with ALF, and a light at the end of the tunnel on December 21st. Come see all our talented groups perform this month and allow them to get you in the holiday mood!

Music makes every day better and we have a ton of music to last the entire month. See you at the concerts!