Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Last night we went to the John WIlliams Concert at the Hollywood Bowl, something everyone should do.  It was amazing music, conducted by the composer himself and played by a wonderful orchestra.

I was, as always, struck by the power of music and how it evokes passion, emotion and terror at times. This was completely apparent in Alex as he listened from my lap.  When the music Bernard Herrmann composed for North by Northwest was played, Alex called it “scary”.  When Star Wars Imperial March was played, he cheered and waved his lightsaber with all the other audience members in the bowl.  And finally, when ET’s Flying Theme was played he was emotionally struck by the music and the amazement of flying bikes and the sadness of sending a friend far away… wait, that was me.  Alex was asleep… it was late.  Music is amazing to everyone.

Have a great week.  Enjoy the power of music each day and spread the fun of music to all around you.