Band Program Registration

You can find all forms and links to online forms on our Forms/Reference page.

In the Student Handbook, you will find all the information needed for the entire year regarding grading, performances, and needed donations. Please read through the entire handbook so you know what we expect, and then fill out and sign the Handbook Agreement sheet. You will need to bring this along with the travel permission slip to Band Workshops by August 2nd.

We are piloting a new way to register and make donations for marching band and color guard. It is an online form and you can now pay with a credit card or a check. You can also ask for financial assistance on the form as well. Everyone should fill out the online form, as this information will also serve as our database to contact and inform you throughout the year. If you are paying by check, you can bring that in with your paperwork as well. Please make all donation checks payable to “LCHS MPA”.

The online registration lays out the needed financial support to make our program work. The music program gets no district funding for the music program and we rely heavily on your generous hearts and keen investment in your child’s musical experience. We will be having a collection table by the band parking lot to help collect all the paperwork and donation checks beginning Monday, July 31st at 11:30am.

Bring to Band Workshops by August 2nd:

  • Handbook Agreement Form
  • Travel Permission Slip
  • Check made out to “LCHS MPA,” If paying for registration donations by check.

School Registration

Registration for school classes is Monday, August 7th, for Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen.

Freshmen will be registering on Monday either with the Sophomores, or just after (Note: this is a different day than on the school calendar). Freshmen will also be going to an orientation meeting on Tuesday, August 8th, 8am-12pm. Freshmen, please make sure you are ready with your luggage so that we may be able to leave on time for Cal Poly. Please do not miss any of these times, since it will be your only time to talk with your counselor and make any changes.
Everyone, arrive earlier than your allotted time so that you are through the line quickly… At least 30-45 minutes earlier than the start time. Realize you cannot save a space in line for someone; you must be there yourself to hold your spot.
Transportation donations for Band and Color Guard are now given to the MPA. If you play a sport, then you need to pay into ASB’s transportation donation. Please don’t pay ASB for band and color guard’s transportation donation.

Mr. Stone’s Summer Thoughts

Summer has been awesome! As the end of summer draws near, I’m equally excited for the new school year. The season is already off to a wonderful start with music in students’ hands, leadership working hard to prepare for workshops and band camp, crazy cool props and stages being built for the show, and we already have drill for the first movement. It’s going to be a good year! I love that our show takes an army to put together the final product. Each part is as important as the next as they all work toward the same goal of making a great show for the kids to perform and show their talents. It’s amazing to see how our community comes together to support and setup our students to be great! Thank you all for your help and support. Looking forward to showing you all the first glimpse of this year’s show on Friday, August 11th!

Band Workshops & Uniform Fittings

Band Workshops
Monday, July 31st – Friday, August 4th

1pm – 8pm
Dinner Break at Approximately 4pm
Items to Bring:

  • Instrument
  • Music
  • Water jug
  • Sunscreen
  • Pencil
  • Positive attitude

Please Wear:

  • Shorts
  • White t-shirt
  • Good cross-trainer shoes
  • Sunscreen

Please arrive early and be prepared to march and be outside at any time of the rehearsal. Students need to wear proper athletic footwear and a white t-shirt with minimal writing. Thanks to many of La Cañada’s businesses and the effort of our student leadership team, we will be handing out to everyone the official white “La Cañada Marching Spartans” t-shirt during band workshops.
You also need your instrument and a great attitude. Hopefully your section leader has already given you your music folder with your parts for practicing. We will be testing for memorization of Mvt. 1 during band workshops.

Uniform Fittings
Monday, July 31st – Thursday August 3rd

11:30am – 12:30pm

Seniors: Monday
Juniors: Tuesday
Sophomores: Wednesday
Freshmen: Thursday
If you miss your day, come and get fitted on any day after your assigned day.

We will also be fitting for marching shoes, so please check your old shoes to make sure they still fit. If you’re new, be ready to fit shoes. The cost for shoes is $30. Please bring a check on your fitting day, unless you pay it with your band donations.

We will also be fitting concert attire on this day. Make sure you try on your concert attire from last year before you come into uniform fittings in order to let us know you will need to order concert attire. All Freshman and new students will need to order and purchase concert attire.