Registration for school classes is Monday, August 7th, for Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen.

Freshmen will be registering on Monday either with the Sophomores, or just after (Note: this is a different day than on the school calendar). Freshmen will also be going to an orientation meeting on Tuesday, August 8th, 8am-12pm. Freshmen, please make sure you are ready with your luggage so that we may be able to leave on time for Cal Poly. Please do not miss any of these times, since it will be your only time to talk with your counselor and make any changes.
Everyone, arrive earlier than your allotted time so that you are through the line quickly… At least 30-45 minutes earlier than the start time. Realize you cannot save a space in line for someone; you must be there yourself to hold your spot.
Transportation donations for Band and Color Guard are now given to the MPA. If you play a sport, then you need to pay into ASB’s transportation donation. Please don’t pay ASB for band and color guard’s transportation donation.