Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

Congratulations to all for coming through this semester so beautifully. I’m so looking forward to hearing our Winter Spectacular Concert tonight – it’s going to be amazing!

I hope everyone has a restful and happy winter break. Thank you for being the best students and parents.

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you have a relaxing two weeks and enjoy time with family and friends (as safety and comfort allow)!

I’m so excited to share the Winter Spectacular with all of you today! It has been awesome seeing all the parts come together and create such a cool virtual concert! Enjoy and see you in the new year!

Marching Spartans Show Shirts

In order to boost spirits, we decided to create a commemorative t-shirt for Marching Band/Color Guard.

The theme is Keep Marching. Keep Playing. Anyone can buy the shirt!

You can have your shirt(s) delivered directly to you.

We hope this brings back memories, looks to the future and lifts your spirits.


Special thanks to Octavia Thuss and Henry for the design!

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

I can’t believe we are finally in the last week of school for the semester! It seems like it was only the end of July and we were trying to figure out how this semester was going to be, and here we are, survived and thriving.

Thank you all for the awesome effort on the poinsettia sales! We did amazing even in our distant situation.

This Friday, we will be premiering our Winter Spectacular. I am very excited for the show and very thankful for the crew of students who helped finalize all the video and audio for the concert. The amount of work that it takes after the individual recordings have been sent is staggering, and I couldn’t have done it without that crew! It’s going to be a spectacular event and I look forward to seeing you all there! Have a great week and an even better two week breather!

Ms. Munday’s News & Notes…

Our Winter Concert will be sent out this Friday and I am overwhelmed by what the students have accomplished. You are all a testament to life and keeping on!

You will all do beautifully on your finals and then you can enjoy some well-earned time off after that. Be well❤️

Poinsettia Sales

CONGRATULATIONS to all who sold poinsettias and helped with the delivery and pick-up of them! Special thanks to Octavia Thuss and her team of merry helpers!