Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Congratulations to our Seniors! I am so proud of each of you and am thankful to be a part of your high school memories. Good luck moving forward, but do come back and visit. We miss you! Senior parents, that goes for all of you as well.

As we come to the end of the year, it’s always an awesome time of much anticipated relaxation time and an almost instant start to the planning and preparation for next fall. I can’t wait to get ready for all the fun next year. Marching season will begin on June 10th at 8am with mini-camp, and we are beginning the registering process for our amazing New York trip. It’s going to be a great summer of anticipating a great year. Thank you all for your support and time this year. Enjoy your summer time off and see you in the fall.

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

We’re coming to a close and I’m looking forward to the final weeks of the year and then a bit of time off for fun and relaxation.

Awards Night is always a wonderful night of recognizing the best qualities in our students.

Come see the Jazz Band Sunday as we play for a huge gathering of folks for a fantastic community event. Fireworks after the last song!

Thank you all for your support and work in these final weeks and beyond. See you this week!

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Happy Mother’s Day to all! I know I fully appreciate what my Mom has and does for me and what my wife, Dawn, does for our kids. Being a mom is truly the most amazingly, frustratingly awesome job! I hope you all had a great day.

Club LC was a blast! My favorite gig of the year and this one blew the roof off LCPC Friday night. Congratulations to the Jazz Band for playing 40 tunes in one night and to the amazing singers that joined us along the way.

Come Tuesday night and see our end of the year Instrumental Pops Concert. Always a fun evening! Looking forward to seeing you there.

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Thank you all for coming out to another amazing Concerto Concert and to those I saw at Mamma Mia! the previous weekend. Also, thank you to all involved in both productions as it has been a lot of hours of rehearsals and practice to showcase how talented our LC musicians truly are.

Club LC is this Friday and it’s a must-see event in the Instrumental Music Program. I’m a little biased, but it’s probably my favorite event of the year, and one of the most tiring. Three solid hours of the Jazz Band performing with many fantastic vocalists coming to join us. Come see it this Friday.

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Open House was a blast. If you didn’t get to see our new studio in full swing, do come by and check it out sometime.

Mamma Mia! opens Thursday and the show will be amazing. The live pit band is rocking hard to the classic ABBA hits. Come out and support this amazing collaborative event featuring over 100 students’ work in the production of this fun musical.

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Sleep is amazing! I’m so ready to come back and tackle the final leg of the school year. Congratulations to our amazing guard for being the best representation for La Cañada High School competing in the World Championships in Dayton, Ohio. They were amazing in every way imaginable! Check them out this Saturday for our So Cal Championship weekend. Looking forward to the end of year events and music making. See you all soon!

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Congratulations to our amazing Drumline for a truly successful season. Their show was wonderfully entertaining and I’m proud of all the hard work put in by the members and staff. It’s so good to see LC Drumline on the rise again!

Come join me and my kids as we watch the Winter Guard’s Prelim performance on Wednesday at 2:45pm in the band room. Looking forward to cheering them on from across the country!

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Congratulations to all our active groups this past week!

A huge trophy was brought home by our Orchestra from a festival in San Diego for what we all knew already, that we have the best orchestra around.

Color Guard performed beautifully in their last competition before heading to Dayton and World Championships.

Our Marching Band helped dedicate the new City Hall this past week with great music to add to this meaningful community event.

In all these events, the students, staff, and parents of our Instrumental Music Program stepped up and represented La Cañada fantastically to all who attended. It makes me proud that we have such an amazing program of amazing people. Thank you all for your help and support at each of these events.

Mr. Stone’s Thought of the Week…

Congratulations to all our performing groups doing an amazing job at Festival this past Friday. You represented our music program and school so well. Also, a big thank you to all the parent volunteers who gave of their time to make the festival a tremendous success. We received so many positive comments about our festival and how enjoyable the experience was. A final, gigantic thank you to all the students who made the festival run so smoothly. You all were such a shining example of professionalism and class throughout the entire day. Thank you for your awesomeness!