Sales continue!


(How to raise money for San Diego, Dayton, Disneyland etc.)

  • Tickets are $20 each, cash or check, to “LCHS Boosters.” Each student is asked to sell at least two tickets. Students who sell additional tickets will have the funds go directly to their student account.
  • Example: If you sell a total of 5 tickets: $40 (2 tickets) goes to the MPA; $60 goes to the student account. Any additional tickets go directly to the student, the MPA only takes first two tickets.
  • The tickets are perforated. Just tear off the stub after the buyer fills in their name, email, and phone number. Give the buyer the ticket with the booster logo as their receipt (it has the ticket number on it). The stub (with email, name, and number) needs to be returned with payment.
  • All ticket stubs and cash/checks need to be returned to Black Lock Box in the band room! Please put stubs and cash/checks in a sealed envelope with the student’s name, class (7-8 Band, 7-8 Orchestra, 9-12 Band or Color Guard, 9-12 Orchestra).
  • All stubs and cash/checks must be returned by Thursday, February 14th.
  • Please return any unsold tickets to the Black Lock Box

For additional tickets or questions, students should contact their director, Mr. Stone, Ms. Munday, or Mr. Myers.