We’re excited for the season to begin! We have quite a few competitions this year, as well as a trip to Dayton for WGI Championships… Can’t wait!

This year the cost for the program will be $600 per student. This amount includes costs for competitions, instructors, uniform, new floor, food for lunches and snacks, and transportation to and from the competitions.

Checks should be made payable to “LCHS MPA” and placed in an envelope with your student’s name and group, and deposited in the black box in the band room. As always, if you have financial concerns and questions, please let Mr. Stone know.


If you are interested in helping out this season, we we will need bus riders, truck drivers, food planning/prep/serving… Please contact our Color Guard parent rep, Michele Jones.

WGI Championships in Dayton

As discussed at the parent meeting, we are in the process of putting all the pieces together for our trip to Dayton.

We will be flying from LAX to IND (Indianapolis) on Tuesday, April 2nd and returning on Sunday, April 7th. Prelims will be on Wednesday, April 3rd; semi-finals (if qualified) on Thursday, April 4th; and finals (if qualified) on Friday, April 5th. We will watch the World Class finals on Saturday evening.

We have the airline tickets, the hotel reservations, the rental vans, and will soon have the World Class finals tickets. The cost for the trip will be $1,300 per person. It will be an amazing experience for your student!

Payment plans can be arranged but please let Mr. Stone know what your plan will be.

Checks can be made payable to “LCHS MPA” and be placed in an envelope marked with your student’s name and group and deposited in the black box in the Band Room.

We will need a final count of parents and students NO LATER than February 1st! Please let Sandy know if you are planning on joining the group.

Dayton Chaperones/Drivers

We will need several parents to chaperone and drive the rental vans. Please let Sandy know if you are interested and willing to chaperone/drive and she will get you the necessary District paperwork to complete.


To help offset the costs we encourage your student to participate in the fundraising for the Instrumental Music Program. Currently, we have several fundraisers in progress: