Thursday, October 11th

We need to cover the gold chains on the shakos to match the silver that we used to cover the gold piece on the uniform. We have the fabric pieces ready to go, we just need to put them on. If you have some time to share to help us with this project, please stop by the band room Thursday evening during rehearsal, 5:30 to 8pm.

Friday, October 12th

Bus Riders

We are looking for a bus rider for the elementary tour. If you are available, please let Sandy Miller know. We have lunch at Zeke’s in Montrose!

Saturday, October 13th

Bus Riders

We will need several parents to ride the bus to and from the competition. Please be at the High School by 12:15pm to help load the water jugs, plumes, gauntlets, etc. on the bus.

Please let Deb Parker know if you are available and willing.

Lunch & Snack Helpers and Donations

Please click on the link to see what’s needed to feed the band and guard. If you have any questions, please contact Deb Parker.

Competition Helpers

We will need helpers to plume, gauntlet, and push equipment at the competition. Please be at Ayala High School by 4:15pm and find the band & guard in the warm-up area.

Wristband Note

We have several free wristbands for parent helpers at each competition, but not enough for everyone. Most competitions require that you have a wristband (either the free one or purchased ticket one) to help push equipment on the field for performance. We will do our best to rotate these free wristbands throughout the parent helpers, but cannot guarantee that each parent will get one. These free wristbands will need to be returned to Mr. Stone or Sandy after each competition so that they can be used again at the next competition. Thanks for your understanding.

Crowd Cheerers

The students enjoy great crowd support – and the judges do too! Please come out and support our hard-working students. It’s a great evening of some amazing performances… and so much different than a football game half-time performance. Thanks in advance for your cheers and applause! 🙂