9-12 grade Advanced Orchestra Families:

Most families missed the pick-up last Friday evening, so our volunteers have scheduled another FINAL CONCERT WEAR PICKUP AND RE-ORDER.

This is our last chance to pick up (and reorder) in time for our first concert in mid-October.

If you have questions or absolutely cannot make this date, please contact your reps. Their information is at the bottom of the post.

FINAL Concert Wear Pickup

Friday, September 26th

During Classtime


Payment can be cash or check payable to “LCHS MPA,” with “concert wear” and student’s name noted in check memo. Bring your payment to the pick up time, or put it in the black lock box PRIOR to pick up. Payment is needed to pick up items.



  • Dress: $60

Men (all items required – $150):

  • Tuxedo Jacket: $65
  • Pants: $30
  • Vest: $45
  • Tie: $10

Returns and Exchanges:

Return Concert Wear Discount: If a continuing student needs a new size, which is not in our pre-owned inventory, their professionally cleaned, usable clothing can be returned to the Concert Wear Representatives and their new clothing order will be discounted at 40%. Please email a list of items and sizes your will be exchanging, and your preference for new pre-owened items to your reps (see below).

Slightly Used Concert Wear: Students may exchange professionally cleaned, gently used items for another size at no cost if that size is available in our limited in-house stock of almost new clothing.

If you have questions, please contact our Concert Wear Representatives Gayle Wilkinson and Lori Silverman.