The Boosters Raffle Ticket sales will now benefit your student’s account!

Since 100% of the proceeds of the sale of these tickets went to the Instrumental Music Program (one ticket costs $20, then $20 goes straight to the MPA), the MPA has decided that they will split the proceeds with the student.
For example, your student sells one raffle ticket ($20).  $10 will go to the MPA and $10 will go into your student’s account.

The money in your student’s account can be used for future costs such as registration, retreats, Championship trips, Dinner Show tickets, trips, etc. So, the more tickets your student sells, the more your student’s account grows.

Booster raffle tickets were distributed to all 9-12 students on Tuesday. 7/8 students will get their tickets no later than Friday. ALL Instrumental Music students are asked to participate.

These Raffle Tickets give you the opportunity to win: 

  • Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch
  • Le Petit Paris Restaurant $150 gift certificate, with a Starbucks Brewing System
  • Grand Prize: 3 day Carnival Cruise for 2!

How to Participate:

  • Please put the sold portion of the ticket and the money collected in an envelope marked with your student’s name and grade level. If envelopes are unmarked, we have no way to account.
  • This envelope should be placed in the black box in the Band Room.
  • All tickets — sold and unsold — must be returned to the black box, in a marked envelope, by January 31st.
  • No late returns will be accepted.
  • If you need more tickets to sell, please contact Sarah Bartels Nagel.

Thanks! Let’s raise some funds for the Instrumental Music Program!

PLEASE NOTE: Starting February 1st, we will ask the students to sell raffle tickets for the Dinner Show fundraiser as well — giving your student another opportunity to add funds to their student accounts. Both the Boosters Raffle AND the Dinner Show Raffle proceeds will be split 50/50 with the MPA and your student’s account.