As we have witnessed, the effects of the Covid-19 virus on our community has things changing by the minute. By increments, this has had an impact on our program in major ways and you need information. This note is a reminder that we have several options for you.

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter which is sent via Constant Contact emails. Sandy Miller sends these out weekly on Sunday evenings, and on an as needed basis.
  2. This website has a Latest News blog. I handle posts there.
  3. The Facebook Group. Sandy Miller and I are moderators there, and you can find reminders as well as notes from parents and students. Note: to join that group, you must answer screening questions to be accepted, as our students (who are minors) are welcomed there.

Our faculty, staff, and MPA Board volunteers are doing our best to give you accurate information as we obtain and verify, as it pertains to our program.

Michele Wilcox
MPA VP of Communications