Exciting music department news, and we need your help for BoosterFest on Saturday, October 21st!

The Spartan Boosters Club is working hard to raise funds to update the LCHS Music / Band Room area to include recording studio equipment, and converting one of the small practice rooms into recording mix room… as well as new carpeting and new paint. This is a HUGE help to our own MPA fundraising for this! The Spartan Boosters and the Music Parents Association working together for the Instrumental Music Program.

Currently, all musicians are taught performance, however a huge part of job opportunities in music are actually in recording. By adding recording studio equipment, students would be exposed to how to perform for recording, how to record music, microphone placements, arrangements for recordings, music composition, music mixing, and post production music for film and television.

Students can learn how to lay down music tracks for them to play along with at home. Students can learn how to work with the LCHS TV class and theater arts departments recording and scoring music for student / school productions. This would allow our music department to grow and be contemporary with how music is performed today and the music industry. It is very exciting!

We’re hoping to raise enough to install the recording equipment that will help our kids learn practical music skills beyond music performance. However, we won’t be able to reach our goals without your help.

PLEASE come to “BoosterFest – Gin and Jazz” on Saturday, October 21st, starting at 5:30pm at the La Canada Country Club. In addition to a dedicated Music Room fundraiser, there will be delicious food, cocktails, dancing, great auction values, and GREAT FUN.

We need MUSIC Parents to be at BoosterFest. Unfortunately, the Marching Band Field Competition at Mission Viejo High School is earlier the same day. If you are not going to the Marching Band event, please come to BoosterFest (or maybe Mom goes to one event, and Dad goes to the other). Please tell your friends to attend as well.

Keep in mind, there are two ways to get tickets to BoosterFest.

1. The easiest way to get tickets (and best value) is to join Boosters at the “Spartan Club Level” ($350) or higher and get 2 free tickets (2 tickets by themselves are $135 x 2=$270).  Join Boosters Now


2. You can purchase individual tickets using the link for $135 each. Purchase your tickets now!
Please support this event that has earmarked specific fundraising and auction items to our mission to improve and update the Music Program facilities, and increase the music educational and creative offerings to our students.

If you have any items to donate to the auction, or any other questions, please contact Wayne Page.