Sunday, May 27th: Jazz Band in the Park

  • Join us in Memorial Park on Sunday evening starting at 6:15pm. The Jazz Band and several Chamber Singers will perform in the Park. As always, after their performance there will be fireworks!  Come out and enjoy an evening in the Park!
  • 4pm: Jazz Band meets at the Band Room
  • 4:45pm: Jazz Band sets-up at the Park
  • 6:15pm: Concert begins
  • approx. 9pm: Fireworks

Monday, May 28th – Memorial Service and Parade

  • The 9-12 Marching Band will perform at the service in the Park on Monday morning. The service begins at 9am.
  • After the service, 7/8 Band will join the 9-12 Marching Band and Color Guard for the Fiesta Days Parade down Foothill Blvd. The Parade begins at 10:30am.
  • 8:15am: Call time for 9-12 Marching Band at LCE
    • Enter on La Canada Blvd.
    • Full uniform – no shako, no gloves
    • No instrument cases
  • 9am: Service in the Park
  • 10am: Color Guard and 7/8 Band meet at the parking structure next to Lanterman Auditorium
    • Dress is 7/8 Band shirt and shorts/jeans
    • Instruments only – No instrument cases can be left at the staging area, leave cases in the car
  • 10:30am: Parade begins
  • approx. 11:30am: Parade is over
    • Both bands will be dismissed at the end of the parade (Foothill & Gould – by Round Table Pizza). Pick up your student there.

Water Volunteers Needed

  • We will need 4 cases of water bottles delivered to the Park prior to the service.
  • We will need 4 or 5 cases of water bottles in coolers with ice at the end of the parade (Foothill & Gould, by Round Table Pizza). Coolers can be dropped off in the morning prior to the parade and picked up at the end of the parade.
  • If you are interested in donating water at either spot, please let Sandy know.  Thanks in advance for your help.