I hope you are all safe and secure! In this crazy time, I hope we all can find those positive outcomes in our lives from this surreal moment in time. At the Stone house we are getting to slow down as a family during time we are normally running so fast we barely get to high five each other. Hopefully, you are finding the same. Don’t get me wrong, our house gets smaller by the day, but we are making the best of the situation.

In regards to moving forward in this environment, we will keep practicing, find ways to promote our musical spirit to others and work hard to make this new normal an efficient and effective way to be better musicians. In band, we are in the midst of leadership training and applications during this time as we prepare for next year. We will also be holding our show reveal in the coming weeks, as well as possibly having our fall season information meeting both via zoom or google meet. I would prefer to be in the same room with everyone, but these are the times we are in and we still have to move forward.

I hope you all take care, stay safe and keep trying to be better musicians. I am truly looking forward to the day we can all meet face to face once again.
Until then, keep working and we will all get through this together.