Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2020! We are going to miss your music, hard work and smiles that you’ve shared with us over the years! Good luck moving forward and know that it’s okay to look back and visit your music teachers at any time!

Thank you to everyone for making our first ever virtual Mini-Camp a huge success! As strange and odd as that environment is for all of us, we accomplished some great work towards our future success. Thank you for being positive, hard working and amazing in this crazy camp.

It is now summer! A time to relax, practice your instrument, take a lesson or five, swim, play video games, improve your marching skills, connect with your band mates, Thursday game nights, Saturday watch parties, and generally just have fun. Please find time to have fun, even though we will continue to ask you to think towards the fall. Section leaders will be contacting their sections for sectionals (both for work and fun) and staff will be sending out summer challenges to improve marching and musicianship throughout the summer. Remember that we would love your participation, but understand that you are entitled to have fun as well, so please try and balance these as much as you can. All work will help our success next season, but all the fun will be an equal partner in that success too. Balance is the key so that the work will be fun and the fun will be funner (I know it’s not a word… it just makes me laugh!).

For our fall plans, we are meeting Monday, August 3rd to begin our band camp at LCHS. However, all those plans are contingent upon the District’s plan for opening school in the Fall. There are no clear answers at this time, but we will have a plan and relay that information to you as soon as the District makes their announcement for the Fall, which could be late July. I’m keeping my positive, happy outlook on this situation to keep hope alive that we are meeting in person soon, but I will defer to the District’s decisions and protocols and make sure everyone is safe and secure in whatever we do. Thank you for your patience in all this, I know we are all waiting to see what the future holds.