Happy Start of School! Well at least Band Camp!

I would say this is a strange way to begin our year, but in light of the past four months, strange takes on a whole new meaning. Regardless, we are hoping to continue our growth in musicianship and performance techniques to bring you a whole new fall show in a unique way. The show will be announced to everyone on Monday and the staff and I are very excited for the possibilities and learning opportunities of focusing on the music and movement moments, without the judges perception and being “competitive” being a factor in our creativity. Our fall season will last for the first two months of school and will culminate with a video rendition of our show (with a live version possibly during the possible Feb-Mar football season). We will not be holding regular Tuesday and Thursday night rehearsals, but there may be opportunities in the evenings to better our show, connect with each other and continue the things that make band the best (those things are music, friends and fun!). As we move through the year, we will be taking all precautions to keep everyone safe, while still trying to bring everyone together with music.

Thank you all for your patience and resilience (you’ll need it at 8:25am band period 1) as we work through this online opening and what’s to be an odd and unforgettable year. Keep looking to the constant contact emails we send out each week for updates and upcoming events as we want to keep everyone informed and engaged as possible. Take care and see you soon!