I’m sitting at a kid’s birthday party where the UCLA National Champion Quidditch team is showing the kids how to play Quidditch (the non-flying broom type). It’s truly the silliest looking game as kids run around with their brooms between their legs (a PVC pole), trying to avoid bludgers (dodgeballs), trying to score points with the quaffel, while waiting for the snitch (someone wearing gold shorts with a flag attached to the back) to come out and end the game. It’s silly but crazy fun.
As I look at this game, I see the hard work it would take for the UCLA team to be so successful and I think about how that compares to our process. The skills required to be successful in band, color guard, orchestra, and quidditch all boil down to hard work and being present. Hard work is the only way our skills get better and being present allows the wisdom of those who have done the hard work (and still continue that work) to teach and share their insights on what it takes to be the best you can be. I love that about music and magical/non-magical sports! Have a great week, be present, and enjoy the hard work!