We had our first Marching Competition this Saturday (the band and color guard did amazing), and as I went through the day (8am rehearsal until the last student left around 10pm), I couldn’t help think that there is no way that I could ever do this on my own. I can’t even imagine it. I love seeing everyone’s hand involved in the show’s success. From my staff who works harder than any other staff to push the students to new levels of achievement. To the parents who show up on that day to push equipment, plume and gauntlet, drive a 62′ truck and trailer combo (thanks Robert!), provide a lunch and community before we depart, and those brave parents who ride the bus. To Jim Stilson and his amazing creativity and design of our props. And finally, to each student who gave their best on Saturday and every day we get to perform our show in competition and in rehearsal. Everyone has contributed to the show’s ability to thrill an audience and stun judges (one judge stopped talking mid-sentence when we revealed the 55′ of Rapunzel’s hair). It was a great day of community and I look forward to more fun and connections as we continue through our season. Thank you all for getting involved and supporting our program at all levels. Have a great week!