Thank you all for your support of the Marching Spartans this season! With one week left and Championships this weekend, I just wanted to thank everyone who has pushed an instrument, served a meal, drove/loaded/picked up/returned a second truck (Thank you Bob!), plumed, donated water, and anyone else who sent good thoughts to the Spartans during showtime. This is an epic undertaking that takes many hands to make it run and be successful!

This Friday, come catch the final home run of this year’s field show, Rapunzel. The show begins at 6pm and ends around 6:30pm. After the show, we will load up all our equipment, props, luggage, and students and head to Fresno for Championships. We perform Saturday night at 9:17pm, so send good thoughts. Hope to see the stands packed with many smiling faces! I’m looking forward to a great ending to a fabulous season (and also to sleeping in on Monday!).