My Mom never missed a concert in high school and on into undergrad and graduate school — At the time of graduate school at CSU Long Beach, she actually lived closer to campus than I did! — and I appreciated her support at every step of my musical journey.

Later my Mom told me she loved to see the progression of my learning. From hearing me practice in my room at home as a 4th grade saxophone beginner (Honk!Honk!Honk!) was not the musical virtuosity she was hoping to hear (she actually made me put a sock stuffed with other socks into the bell of my sax to mute it some). Later, hearing me at my Graduate recital was worth every moment in 4th grade and beyond, as she saw me play and perform as an accomplished musician.

Even now, my Mom comes to a few of the LCHS gigs just to see me conduct and lead a group. It still means a lot to me that she would want to come and see me conducting and developing the next generation of musicians. Everyone should support their children in that manner. Come to the concerts this Wednesday. You can’t imagine how impactful that will be for your children. I know it was for me. Thanks Mom!