This weekend I experienced Forest Bathing. It’s one of those things that I’ve read about that helps make your life more mindful. My family and I were hiking in some local mountains, and I, not being in tip-top shape, was falling behind the others. I started to feel really bad about it, but then, I thought what if I looked at the situation a little differently? So instead of putting myself down that I couldn’t keep up, I started to enjoy the solitary time. I noticed the different sounds, smells, and sights of the beautiful forest. It was so restful and wonderful. I was amazed to see how quickly I went from feeling stressed to feeling calm and happy.

My thoughts then went to our students. If they could learn to take a moment and switch their perspective from a negative to a positive outlook on themselves, they would be able to change those stressful thoughts into kind ones toward themselves.

May you all have a wonderful week!