I hope all is well with all of you and your loved ones. This is a trying time, and I believe it is especially trying for parents. Suddenly, children are at home and every age has its unique set of challenges. You are all on my mind and in my thoughts. If you have any questions, contact me.

This coming week, the orchestra students have been asked to upload a video to Classroom of themselves playing. They are playing what they worked on last week.

Encourage your child to use playing their instrument each day as part of their daily schedule. Maybe they would like to do a FaceTime duet or trio with their friends. Maybe they would like to write some music. There is so much music online. One student told me that they downloaded some video game music to play. Brilliant!

Yo Yo Ma has started #songsofcomfort. There are some really nice videos on YouTube that regular people have made. I have enjoyed listening to them.

My goal for the students is to have them keep playing and to enjoy what they’re doing. I’m going to attach a banjo video from Steve Martin, it’s wonderful to hear.

Take care!