The most important detail for Monday is… There is NO 0 period meeting August 17th. We will begin Orchestra on Tuesday, August 18th at 7:45am until 8:20am. It will be the same Zoom link each day.

As a parent, I ask you to make sure that your Orchestra student has an instrument, a music stand, and room at their computer that they can play their instrument.

We will meet and greet for the first week and get used to meeting online. I have lots of ideas for the year, and I will let you know those later!

Good luck to All! It is likely that the internet connections will fail because of the amount of use and users. If that happens, encourage your child to try to get back on. If they can’t, have them go to Google Classroom for instruction.

We will keep moving forward and make music! I am looking forward to this very unique school year!