As some of you may know, I had eye surgery this week on my left eye. I’m calling this process, “Adventures in Sight.” I am working closely with my surgeon as she has installed a new device in my eye that has the potential of really helping me. The students have been very patient with me as I go through the process of figuring out which glasses work the best for reading music. I really appreciate their kindness and I’m looking forward to more excellent vision!

It’s finally here — our first concert of the year! This Wednesday, October 25th at 7pm, in the LCHS Auditorium, will be the 7/8, 9-12, Fall Strings Concert. I invite the parents to come and see what getting your child to all those early morning practices have produced! They really sound great, and I am so looking forward to this performance! It really means a lot to your children that you to come to hear them. They may say otherwise, but I know from personal experience. It still makes me really happy when I know that my friends and family are in the audience for a performance. So please come and bring relatives and friends!

On Thursday morning, after the performance, we will have a special Halloween breakfast in the band room during 0 period for all the performers. Thank you to all the parents who are bringing food for us. No instruments that day. Friday, though, bring your instruments and we will begin rehearsing for the Winter Spectacular on December 8th.

Winter Retreat forms are now available to complete. Have your child go to Google Classroom and fill out the questionnaire about their food preference. There is a form for you to download and sign and have your child bring back to school. The cost for this trip is $185. If you haven’t already paid this, please do so now. The check should be made out to, “LCHS MPA.” Your child can bring that to school and put it in the black lock box. This is a required trip, so please complete these tasks as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact me. This s a really wonderful trip for the kids. They don’t miss any school, they have a fun weekend in the mountains, and the food is great!

Have a great week and see you on Wednesday night at the concert!