While some of our seniors were off “scooting” on Friday, I had different combinations of the orchestra play together. I was really happy to hear how well everyone knew the piece that was played. It’s really wonderful that there is such musical depth in our orchestra. We have great student musicians throughout each section and I appreciate each and every one of them!
I would like to remind everyone to sign up for the Ireland trip in March. Because we only go every 4 years, this will be the ONLY opportunity that your student will be able to go on an international trip with the Orchestra and Band. It will be a GREAT trip. We are playing amazing standard string orchestra music in beautiful cathedrals where much of this music was meant to be played. Ireland is a beautiful country with friendly people, and we will get to take trips and experience different parts of the country. PLEASE don’t let missing some school days stop your student from participating. Students will have time to make up missed school work, AND I am planning on personally talking to certain teachers of classes that students are concerned about to set up realistic plans for the music students so that they won’t be stressed out. Remember how fun the Winter Retreat was? This will be a hundred times that experience. Please don’t decide on your own that this trip isn’t for your child, come talk to me and let’s see if we can figure everything out so that your child can have an amazing trip that they will remember forever.
Tickets for the concert featuring Joshua Bell and the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra on Saturday, September 30th, at the Alex Theater in Glendale are still available. The concert begins at 8pm. Please let Cecilia Cheng or Yvonne Lim know if you are interested.