Today, I want to give a huge shout out to the Music Parents Association. We can all see the support to the Band from MPA; the uniforms, the competitions, the instruments, but I don’t know if their support to the Orchestra is as well-known. In the past two years, the MPA has financially and emotionally supported the Orchestra in many ways. The MPA basically subsidized our first Winter Retreat, ensuring that it would happen and thus, making it into an annual event. This year, the Orchestra bought, through the MPA, beautiful music folders. Throughout this year, I have been getting the school cellos and basses repaired, at a cost of thousands of dollars. This summer, I plan on taking the school bows in to be repaired and rehaired. All the music that I purchase for performance comes through the MPA. Supplies, such as pencils, binders, strings, rosin, technique books, etc. are paid for by the MPA. Patricia Quon, an MPA volunteer, has procured through donations, a violin, viola, and cello for the Orchestra. 
I’m sure I am leaving out many other important deeds that the MPA has done for the Orchestra. We could not exist without the support of the MPA and the volunteers and board members. There are not enough ways to say thank you! I would like to encourage Orchestra parents to look for ways to participate in the MPA, either as a volunteer or an elected member. There are monthly meetings for exactly one hour! Our need is great for parents to volunteer their time and expertise to helping the LCHS Instrumental Music Program thrive!