The Instrumental Music Program is now on Facebook

This is a closed group and we will do our best to post info and announcements… This is just another way to communicate with our Music family. It is a closed group for our use only.

Facebook Use – Guidelines:
It was great seeing so many of you at our recent Blaze Pizza night and thanks to those sharing the flyer with your friends on your Facebook page! However, we have been contacted by one of the groups where some of you posted our Blaze Pizza flyer, and informed that too many of us were posting and they wanted to ban us from posting again.

So, we have discussed and come up with this plan for Facebook…

  • We will use our Communications VP, Michele Wilcox to post all publicity for fundraisers, special concerts, etc. on behalf of MPA.
  • Which means… please feel free to promote all Band/Orchestra/Instrumental Music activities on your personal pages. Michele will take care of promoting activities to group pages, such as the La Canada High School Parents page.
  • Some circumstances require extra publicity and outreach (think Dinner Show) and we would ask that you coordinate with Michele to keep all the admins of the various group pages happy. 🙂
  • Per District guidelines, pictures may be shared/posted, but students should not be individually identified, which means no name listed.
  • Thank you for following these guidelines and supporting the LCHS Instrumental Program!

If you have any questions, please contact Michele Wilcox.