Refunds and Vouchers are in progress – you may have received your student’s already.

Here’s some information you may need to know:

  • If you canceled your 2020 NYC trip and didn’t roll over to the 2021 NYC trip, you received a $400 voucher to be used on future trips, and the balance of funds was returned to the participant.
  • If you were on the 2021 NYC trip, since it was cancelled, you will receive a $200 voucher to be used on future trips, and the balance of funds was returned to the participant. These refunds should have begun already and should be complete by the end of the week.
  • The vouchers are in the name of each participant on either of the trips. They can be used on future trips with Encore. Encores only stipulation is that only one voucher can be used for each participant.
  • Our thought when the vouchers came about last year, was to work out deals between those that have vouchers and are not going on the trip and those that are going on the trip and don’t have a voucher (For example, Student A has graduated and Student B is a new Freshmen. Student B purchases Student A’s voucher at face value). Hopefully we can get all the vouchers taken care off in this manner. I did have a family that offered their voucher to aid a future traveler, and that works out as well. As long as I have the name of the voucher holder and the name of the new traveler, the transfer is an easy move for Encore.
  • The voucher exchange, once complete, would then see that everyone would get a full refund. Please be patient with the process as our hope is to get everyone a complete refund through the exchange of vouchers.

In response to the the cancellation of the 2020 NYC trip, had the District cancelled the trip prior to the shut down, Encore would not have needed to give back as much as they did and each participant would’ve lost a large portion of the cost of the trip, rather than getting it all back. It was more advantageous to our position to let the shut down cancel the trip.