Dear New York Trip Families:

Hi All!

Thank you again for your patience in trying to settle out the final details of the postponement of our Instrumental Trip to New York City. I know in these times that the uncertainty of the trip has been difficult at times, so I hope this statement of the final details of the trip help alleviate some of the stress.

The trip has been postponed to March 4-8, 2021. We will be traveling to New York City to perform in Carnegie Hall. It will be an exciting trip and an amazing experience for all involved. For those of you who did not request a refund, your trip is all ready rolled into the next trip with no further payments needed. The only concession is that there is a $400 non-refundable portion of the trip if you needed to pull out of the trip for any reason.

For those of you who requested a refund, the refund process has begun and is slated to take 45 days. Usually, Encore would take 30 days to refund, but due to there social distancing protocols, processing all of this is taking a little bit longer. For those that made payments from their bank accounts using the Automatic Payments, they will be refunded back to your accounts and for all others, they will receive back a check in the mail. Everyone who asked for a refund will receive a $400 voucher from Encore and the rest of the cost will be refunded back as stated. If you used MPA Student account money, those funds will be returned back to the MPA Student Accounts for future use. Since the money in the student accounts comes from fundraising under the name of the MPA, legally the funds must come back to the MPA Student Accounts. MPA Student accounts are set up to help cover costs and donations made to and through the MPA.

For those with the $400 voucher, MPA is willing to help broker deals with future travelers, but MPA is not in a position to take on the financial burden of the vouchers. Since this is not a MPA sponsored trip, we need to make sure that MPA is financially sound. I have the upmost faith that we will be able to broker the deals in the future, most likely in the fall, but we will work with the current Senior class first, and then work our way down through the classes. Realize only one voucher can be used per person in future travels.

For those of you who ask for a refund now, and want to come back on to the trip next year, we welcome you back on the trip and you can use your voucher then. We will be advertising this trip soon, with a new sign up page and information. I highly recommend you all come along. Seniors, I even open it up to you as well. Feel free to come back and join us on this trip. I feel like you got a little shortchanged on this, so I am hoping we can make it work.

Thank you all again for your patience! Please feel free to email me about any questions.