The La Canada Teachers Association (LCTA) gives several Scholarships to seniors and the amount has increased over the years. Some of these are for students who currently participate in our music programs. The applications are pretty straightforward and worth your time.

LCTA will be funding several criteria-based scholarships of $2000 each to current seniors:

  • Future Teacher—Terese Caire Memorial Future Teacher Scholarship
  • Interest in Business or Entrepreneurship—Adam Carmeli Memorial Scholarship
  • Financial Need, Scholarship & Service — Marjorie Purcel Memorial Scholarship
  • Academic Achievement, Extra-Curricular Involvement & Character & Citizenship—Steven R. Orr Memorial Scholarship
  • Musician specializing in a Wind Instrument—Patrick Rappleye Memorial Scholarship
  • Visual Artist— Fred Stuhr Memorial Scholarship & Jeanne Maus Memorial Scholarship
  • Achievement in Instrumental Music—Jeanne Maus Memorial Scholarship
  • Achievement in Choral/Vocal Music—Jeanne Maus Memorial Scholarship
  • Achievement in Theatre Arts—Jeanne Maus Memorial Scholarship
  • Pursuing degree in STEM/Environmental Studies—STEM/Environmental Studies Scholarship

For more information and to access applications (due April 12), join the LCTA Scholarship Google Classroom— Code to Join: 44fbraz