We have an updated link to watch BOOST-A-THON TONIGHT at 6:00pm PT on the Spartan Media YouTube channel.   How to watch on your laptop or tablet:
Click UPDATED LINK here or go to http://bit.ly/boostathon
(If you already sent someone the old link, it will direct them where you to go.) How to watch on your smart TV:
Open the YouTube app and search for LCHS Boostathon How to donate:
Donations are already being accepted. Click here or go to http://bit.ly/givetoboosters
During the show, we encourage you to donate using your phone, so you don’t miss any of the action while watching Boost-a-thon on your TV, laptop, or tablet. Boost-A-Thon: La Canada Has Talent is a fun virtual fundraiser featuring student performances in music, choral, theatre, sports, comedy, and much more.  You will be amazed by the talent at LCHS! Please tune in with your kids and watch them being awesome.  Forward this email to grandparents, friends, and other family members so they can watch too!