Tuesday, September 4th (Marching Band/Guard)

  • 5:30-8:30pm: Evening rehearsal

Wednesday, September 5th (Marching Band/Guard)

L.A. County Fair

  • 1st Period: Load truck
  • 11am: Band/Guard students dismissed from class
  • 11:15am: Load bus
  • 11:30am: Depart LCHS
  • 12:15pm: Arrive, eat lunch, enjoy the Fair
  • 3:30pm: Meet back at bus to change into uniform
  • 4pm: Warm-up
  • 5pm: Parade
  • 6pm: Return to bus, change, load truck
  • approx. 8:30pm: Arrive back at LCHS, unload truck
  • approx. 9pm: Dismissal

Thursday, September 6th (Marching Band/Guard)

  • 5:30-8:30pm: Evening rehearsal

Friday, September 7th (Marching Band/Guard & 7/8 Band)

Football Game – 7/8 Night

  • 5pm: 9-12 and 7/8 meet in front of the North Gym with instruments and music for rehearsal
  • 5:30pm: Dinner is served for all students
  • 6:10pm: Meet in front of North Gym with instruments/music
    • 9-12 in full uniform
    • 7/8 in band t-shirts and dark-colored pants/jeans
  • 6:20pm: 9-12 and 7/8 combined performance at Boosters tailgate on Oak Grove field
  • 6:45pm: Pre-game (combined 9-12 and 7/8 on the field performance)
  • 7pm: Game time
    • All 9-12 and 7/8 students will play stand tunes during the first half of the game
    • approx. 8:15pm: Half-time performance by 9-12
    • approx. 8:35pm: 7/8 students return to band room and will be dismissed to parents
  • approx. 9:30pm: Game over, hang uniform, dismissal

Extra Notes:

7/8 students will be rehearsing with the 9-12 students at 5pm, will eat with the 9-12 students, and will then perform with the 9-12 students at the Boosters tailgate, on the field during pre-game, and in the stands during the first half of the game.

After the 9-12 students perform their show at half-time, the 7/8 students will return to the band room with Mr. Myers and will be dismissed. The students may return to the game with parents if you choose or you may go home.

7/8 t-shirts will be distributed either Thursday or Friday.