Advanced Orchestra San Diego Information – TODAY

Payment Deadline is Tuesday, February 19th!

Registration needs to be completed ASAP so hotel rooms can be assigned and reserved. It will only take a few minutes…

Please follow these instructions to register your student:

  • Go to the the trip website
  • In the upper right-hand corner, click on “Register”
  • Enter Trip ID: 166087
  • Verify the school name/teacher
  • Select “student”
  • Enter all requested information
  • Read the Terms & Conditions, click “Accept”
  • If you prefer, download a copy to save and print
  • Submit your completed form

That’s it. Easy.

Payment info:

The cost of the trip is $525. Checks should be made payable to “LCHS MPA.” If your student has funds in their student account, they may use those funds for this trip payment.

If you don’t know the balance in your student’s account, please contact our treasurer, Marshall Bohannon and he will be happy to let you know.

Payment Deadline is Tuesday, February 19th!

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Munday.

Weekly Schedule – 1/28

Monday, January 28th

  • 6:30-9pm: Musical Rehearsal

Tuesday, January 29th

  • 3:30-5:30pm: 7/8 Winter Drumline Rehearsal
  • 5-9pm: Winter Guard Rehearsal
  • 6-9pm: 9-12 Winter Drumline Rehearsal

Wednesday, January 30th

  • 6:30-9pm: Jazz Band Rehearsal

Thursday, January 31st

  • 3:30-5:30pm: 7/8 Winter Drumline Rehearsal
  • 5-9pm: Winter Guard Rehearsal
  • 6-9pm: 9-12 Winter Drumline Rehearsal

Friday, February 1st

  • 7pm: Dinner Show Committee Meeting
    • Sheryl Madonna’s Home

Jazz Band Elementary Tour

  • 7am: Call time, load Truck
  • 7:30am: Depart LCHS
    • Order: PCY, PCR, LCE
  • 11:45am-12:45pm: Lunch in Montrose, bring money
  • 2:30pm: Arrive at LCHS, unload Truck

Winter Guard Information


We’re excited for the season to begin! We have quite a few competitions this year, as well as a trip to Dayton for WGI Championships… Can’t wait!

This year the cost for the program will be $600 per student. This amount includes costs for competitions, instructors, uniform, new floor, food for lunches and snacks, and transportation to and from the competitions.

Checks should be made payable to “LCHS MPA” and placed in an envelope with your student’s name and group, and deposited in the black box in the band room. As always, if you have financial concerns and questions, please let Mr. Stone know.


If you are interested in helping out this season, we we will need bus riders, truck drivers, food planning/prep/serving… Please contact our Color Guard parent rep, Michele Jones.

WGI Championships in Dayton

As discussed at the parent meeting, we are in the process of putting all the pieces together for our trip to Dayton.

We will be flying from LAX to IND (Indianapolis) on Tuesday, April 2nd and returning on Sunday, April 7th. Prelims will be on Wednesday, April 3rd; semi-finals (if qualified) on Thursday, April 4th; and finals (if qualified) on Friday, April 5th. We will watch the World Class finals on Saturday evening.

We have the airline tickets, the hotel reservations, the rental vans, and will soon have the World Class finals tickets. The cost for the trip will be $1,300 per person. It will be an amazing experience for your student!

Payment plans can be arranged but please let Mr. Stone know what your plan will be.

Checks can be made payable to “LCHS MPA” and be placed in an envelope marked with your student’s name and group and deposited in the black box in the Band Room.

We will need a final count of parents and students NO LATER than February 1st! Please let Sandy know if you are planning on joining the group.

Dayton Chaperones/Drivers

We will need several parents to chaperone and drive the rental vans. Please let Sandy know if you are interested and willing to chaperone/drive and she will get you the necessary District paperwork to complete.


To help offset the costs we encourage your student to participate in the fundraising for the Instrumental Music Program. Currently, we have several fundraisers in progress:

Weekly Schedule – 1/21

Monday, January 21st

  • 10am-7pm: 9-12 Winter Drumline Rehearsal

Tuesday, January 22nd

  • 3:30-5:30pm: 7/8 Winter Drumline Rehearsal
  • 5-9pm: Winter Guard Rehearsal
  • 6-9pm: 9-12 Winter Drumline Rehearsal

Wednesday, January 23rd

  • After School: Concerto Auditions
    • Contact your instructor to arrange time
  • 6:30-9pm: Jazz Band Rehearsal

Thursday, January 24th

  • 3:30-5:30pm: 7/8 Winter Drumline Rehearsal
  • 5-9pm: Winter Guard Rehearsal
  • 6-9pm: 9-12 Winter Drumline Rehearsal
  • 7pm: Dinner Show Committee Meeting
    • Sheryl Madonna’s Home

Friday, January 25th

9-12 Orchestra Winter Retreat

  • Bring gear to school to store during the school day
  • Approximately 4pm: Depart LCHS
  • Approximately 5pm: Arrive at camp

Saturday, January 26th

  • 9-12 Orchestra at Retreat

Sunday, January 27th

  • Approximately 1:30pm: 9-12 Orchestra arrives at LCHS

9-12 Orchestra Retreat


We will be at Angeles Crest Christian Camp. The camp is located at 20075 Angeles Crest Highway, about an hour’s drive north of La Canada.

Please note: there is no cell service and no wi-fi for campers. The office number, in case you need to reach your child in an emergency is 626-449-3339.

Map of camp location.


We will travel to camp on buses and will leave from LCHS directly after school on Friday, January 25th. Your student can bring their gear to school in the morning and we can store it for them during the day in the Band Room.

We will leave LCHS at approximately 4pm, and arrive at the camp at about 5pm.

After a weekend of music and camp activities, we will arrive back at LCHS at approximately 1:30pm on Sunday, January 27th.


If you haven’t already, the waiver form and fee of $225 is now due. Please make checks payable to “LCHS MPA” and have your student return the form and the check to the black box in the Band Room.

Snack Donation SignUp

We’re looking for some snack donations.

The kids will be having rehearsals as well as time in the outdoors which means that they will be HUNGRY in between meals! We will have s’mores, a nacho bar, popcorn, hot cocoa, whole fruit, and other assorted goodies.

Sign Up to Donate


  • There are several students with nut allergies, so please send snacks that are NUT-FREE.
  • Have your student bring a reusable water bottle for the duration of the trip. We don’t want them to get dehydrated up in the mountains and we will not be stocking very many disposable water bottles. They will be able to fill up with good, clean water at the campsite.
  • All snacks need to be individually wrapped.
  • Please have your student bring their snack item to the Orchestra Room by Wednesday, January 23rd during 0 period. Label it “ORCHESTRA CAMP DONATION.”

Packing List:

  • Instrument
  • music
  • folding stand
  • water bottle
  • lip balm
  • sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • towel and washcloth
  • toiletries
  • 1 bag for clothes
  • warm, good coat
  • good shoes
  • sweaters
  • hat
  • gloves

Weekly Schedule – 1/14

Monday, January 14th

  • Gift Card Orders Due Today
  • 7pm: MPA Meeting

Tuesday, January 15th

  • 3:30-5:30pm: 7/8 Winter Drumline Rehearsal
  • 5-9pm: Winter Guard Rehearsal
  • 6-9pm: 9-12 Winter Drumline Rehearsal

Wednesday, January 16th

  • 6:30-9pm: Jazz Band Rehearsal

Thursday, January 17th

  • 3:30-5:30pm: 7/8 Winter Drumline Rehearsal
  • 5-9pm: Winter Guard Rehearsal
  • 6-9pm: 9-12 Winter Drumline Rehearsal

9-12 Orchestra to Disneyland

  • Please bring spending money for food and other goodies
  • 7am: Load Truck/Call Time
    • Arrive in Concert Wear
    • NO Tennis Shoes! Girls must wear closed-toe nice black shoes – This is a Disney Requirement.
  • 7:30am: Depart LCHS
  • 8:40am: Check in at Security
  • 9am: Backstage drop off/Restroom/Unload/Warm-up
  • 10:30am: Performance
  • 11:15am: Load truck, change
  • 12pm: Released into Park
  • 7:30pm: Meet at Esplande between the parks
  • 8pm: Depart
  • 9pm: Arrive at LCHS, unload truck

9-12 Orchestra Winter Retreat

Payments for the 9-12 Orchestra Winter Retreat are now due, if you haven’t already paid ($225 payable to LCHS MPA).

The money collected for the Winter Retreat covers the actual costs of the retreat – it is not a fundraiser – we just need to pay for the transportation to the camp, the lodging and food at the camp, and the coaches who will help with instruction at the camp.

If you’re not sure if you have paid, please contact our Accounts Receivable Treasurer, Jason Northrop.

Chaperones are needed. Please contact Yvonne Lim if you are available.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Marching Band & Guard Championship Refunds

Despite the last-minute cancellation of Championships, we were successful in getting full refunds on lodging and transportation.

Therefore, we will be allocating to each student’s MPA account $200 for those that paid the Championship donation. If you did not pay the donation, your student will not receive an amount in their student account.

The $200 can be used against any fees currently owed or future fees, including next year.

If you have any questions please contact MPA President, Elizabeth Bohannon.

Weekly Schedule – 11/12 – 9-12 Band & Guard

Tuesday, November 13th

  • 5-8:30pm: Evening rehearsal – Color Guard
  • 5:30-8:30pm: Evening rehearsal – Band

Thursday, November 15th

  • 5-8:30pm: Evening rehearsal – Color Guard
  • 5:30-8:30pm: Evening rehearsal – Band

Friday, November 16th

  • 3:15-5:30pm: Rehearsal on the field
  • 5:30pm: Change into full uniform
  • 5:50pm: Plume & gauntlet
  • 6pm: Friends & Family performance
  • 6:30pm: Greet guests, take photos, change, dismissal
  • Parent Helpers: We will need just a few helpers to plume and gauntlet in the band room at 5:50pm. If you’re available, please be there.

Saturday, November 17th

WBA Championships

Hotel Address:
Homewood Suites
1505 Mill Rock Way
Bakersfield, CA 93311

Performance Address – SATURDAY:
West High School
1200 New Stine Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93309

Saturday Dinner Location:
Round Table Pizza
4200 Gosford Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93313

Performance Address – SUNDAY:
Bakersfield College
1801 Panorama Dr.
Bakersfield CA 93305

  • 8am: Rehearsal on the field
  • 10am: Load truck
  • 11am: Lunch is served on campus (meal provided)
  • 11:45am: Load bus
  • 12:15pm: Depart LCHS – Championship Bound!
  • 2:15pm: Arrive in Bakersfield, CA at Hotel
  • 3pm: Depart Hotel
  • 3:15pm: Arrive at Championships (light snack provided)
  • 5pm: Begin Warm-Up
  • 9:20pm: 1/2/3A Awards
  • 10pm: Group Dinner at Round Table Pizza (Meal Provided)
  • 11pm: Return to Hotel. Lights Out.

Sunday, November 18th

  • 7-9am: Free Hot Breakfast in the Hotel
  • 11am: Grand Championships Begin
  • TBD: Performance Time
  • 2:38pm: Grand Championships Full Retreat and Awards for 1/2/3A
  • 3pm: Depart Bakersfield – Lunch on the Road (on your own)
  • 6pm: Arrive LCHS! It’s been a wonderful journey!

Tickets: $25 each – good for both Saturday and Sunday

Helpful Hints:

  1. Friday is a regular school day with a rehearsal and performance right after. The students will not have a chance to “run home” to get stuff for performance. They should bring rehearsal clothes, water jug, long black socks, marching shoes and performance wear to school in the morning.
  2. Saturday morning, they should come to rehearsal with everything they need for the trip. We will leave after rehearsal and a quick lunch. We will only be gone for one night… So there shouldn’t be too much luggage, right? However, we may perform twice this weekend, so please pack accordingly and that includes shirts, shorts and long black socks.
  3. The kids will need spending money for the competition if they want to purchase t-shirts, hoodies, etc. They will also need money to cover their lunch on Sunday on the way home. Other than that, they should be good.
  4. Please remind your student that all school rules apply on the trip.
  5. Congratulate your kid for a wonderful season and acknowledge all their hard work and effort.
  6. Thanks to all the parents for their support throughout the season!

Click this link to volunteer and donate. If you have questions about participating, please contact Deb Parker.